Tribute Lane

Where Memories are kept alive

Most of us will never forget the feeling or the look on your child’s face when they look at your medals and say “I wish I could be as good as you in sports one day”.  This brought tears to my eyes. Not because it made me feel like the world’s best mom, but due to childhood struggles not all of my memories were kept and I had nothing more to show him.

Are you one of those moms or dads who love your children and keep a record of all their achievements, photos, drawings, so that you, one day when you come across it, can do something special with it.  It might be too late for some of us who have lost special memories either through fire, theft or damage? Or maybe the backup drive stopped working?

This is why I created Tribute Lane so that all memories can be kept alive.

Upon completion of registration, the parent will have the ability to perform various tasks such as:

  • Upload data fast and effectively.
  • Be able to edit own profile as you wanted.
  • Create folders and sub folders from birth until university years and beyond.
  • Update personal information.
  • Editable and Printable documents and CV’s
  • Editable Diary.
  • Create a Family Tree.

Benefits for parent and child

Convenient and easy to use

Accessible anywhere 24/7

No more hording onto papers

Safe and secure

Collection of memories in one place

Will never get lost or damaged